Wagyu Bavette, Fajita Style

It’s Cinco de Mayo, let’s celebrate with a recipe for our newest top notch Tex-Mex cut! We just started cutting and offering the Bavette and we are like woah… we have ALL been missing out! This awesome cut is tender and is flavor packed. We can only compare it to a cross between a tri tip and a skirt steak. Yeah, we know… Heaven on your taste buds!! If you love the flavor rich tri tip cut and the tenderness and ease of a skirt… you have to try a G Five American Wagyu Bavette! It can be prepared different ways but we like it fajita style and you can’t go wrong!

Here’s how we did it…

  • 1 Whole American Wagyu Bavette

  • Allegro Black Pepper Marinade

  • Fajita Seasoning of your choice

  • Corn Tortillas

  • All your favorite fajita topping

Pour and rub in the Allegro black pepper marinade then sprinkle on, generously, your favorite fajita seasoning or just some salt if you like.

Smoke, grill, or cook the Bavette using your favorite method and pull when the internal temperature reaches 130°, wrap in foil and allow to rest, this will give your bavette a perfect medium cook.

After resting, slice for fajitas and serve with corn tortillas and your favorite topping.

*We used our pellet grill and did a reverse sear on our Bavette.

After you try the Bavette and FALL IN LOVE, send us your pictures and feedback or share your photos and tag us on social media. We LOVE hearing from you guys!


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