about the g five wagyu cattle & beef program

a little about wagyu and the G Five beef program

G Five Cattle has a herd of Angus cattle and a herd of Wagyu cattle. Everyone has heard of Angus, but many have not heard of the Wagyu breed of cattle. The Wagyu breed originated in Japan. The word Wagyu simply means Japanese cow. Several small shipments of Wagyu cattle came to the United States in 1976 and the early 1990’s. In the late 1990’s, Japan banned the export of the breed declaring it a national treasure. Those early imports were used to build the Wagyu breed here in the United States and other countries around the world. 

What is unique about the Wagyu breed is its propensity to deposit intramuscular fat which we call marbling. Marbling is what gives the Wagyu meat its melt in your mouth flavor, tenderness and juiciness. We cross our Angus cows with a Wagyu bull to produce American Wagyu as well as produce premium 100% Wagyu beef.

G Five continues to improve our seedstock herd as well as the quality of our beef program.  Marvin stands by his belief that data is crucial for continuous improvement, whether you are an engineer, a rancher, or in any other profession.  Marvin has taken pictures of every carcass harvested and has collected data on those animals on his own over the past years.  We were excited to recently purchase the new Carcass Grading Camera from Meat Imaging Japan, known as the MIJ Carcass camera.  All G5 animals harvested are now graded with this camera and the images are immediately sent and stored at the MIJ online storage.  We are then provided with 2 pages of data we can use to grade our beef and continue to improve our program. 

Our carcass quality continues to trend upward as we learn about the breed and improve our feed and ranch operations.  Our average marble score has increaded from 5-6 in 2019 to over 7, with some carcasses attaining 10+.

As America and the world learn about this special breed of cattle, the future of the Wagyu breed is very promising, and in it's infancy here in America.  We believe Wagyu really is the future in the cattle and beef industry.