Our Story

Founder: Marvin Garrett & The Garrett Family

The G FIVE Story

As a young boy, Marvin spent long, happy hours on his grandfather's rice farm in South Louisiana where the Garrett family's roots come from and are still strong.  When it was time to harvest, the whole family pitched in.  The joy of working alongside his grandfather, father, uncles, brothers, and cousins is something that he held dear throughout his 42-year engineering career.  Marvin held on to those memories and dreamed one day he would be able to return to his country roots.
In 2007, Marvin started purchasing land in northeast Texas.  By 2012, he had bought his first herd of cattle, 15 Angus heifers and G FIVE Cattle Co. was born.  Soon after Marvin started researching artificial insemination and the breeds of bulls that were available.  He learned about the Japanese Wagyu breed and all the aspects that come along with that, including the marbling, taste, and health benefits.  He decided to AI his cows to a Wagyu bull, Itoshigefuji (TF-147).  Marvin made the determination that his first Wagyu/Angus F1 steer that was harvested was, "the best beef I ever had" and then was born a dream of not only a larger scale F1 (crossbred) breeding operation but also a farm to table retail beef program.
The first animals harvested were all sold as "freezer beef" to friends and neighbors until that demand grew.  In 2020, we launched our website selling and marketing individual cuts to families all over the country.  On November 8, 2021, G FIVE Cattle & Meats retail store/meat market was opened on I-30 in Sulphur Springs, TX.  In 2021 and 2022 we have been fortunate to partner with some Dallas area restaurants and country clubs as well as the local Sulphur Springs country club to bring our G5 Wagyu into the food service space.  We are humbled and excited as we watch our brand grow but our passion is and will always be in providing our G5 Wagyu to families locally and around the country.  We love connecting with them, interacting with them, hearing their stories and giving them the best 'farm to table' experience we can.
The herd has now grown to 550+ cows that include fullblood Wagyu as well as Angus cows for his Wagyu/Angus crossbred American Wagyu production.  We are proud to say, we are truly a 'farm to table' company as every animal we produce, and sell is born and raised on our ranch. 
G FIVE Cattle Co along with G FIVE Cattle & Meats is the family business Marvin imagined, working alongside his wife Becky and us two daughters, Dana and Tracy.  At times we make our husbands help in the work.  The grandkids also pitch in and love checking for new babies, feeding and just "being on the farm" with Papa and Mimi.  During crawfish season, you are sure to find our brother Brian and his wife out on the ranch as we gather together, true to our Cajun roots and enjoying a crawfish boil or two.  We are fortunate to spend lots of family time out on the ranch and are so thankful to be able to play together, work together, make memories, and build something to last generations.

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Our mission & promise

The G FIVE Family is committed to excellence, from our top-quality animal production to our focus on continued improvement to provide the very best tasting and highest quality beef. At G Five we strive to create not only a top-quality product, but also a culture that reflects who we are and our family values. Our company is one built on a foundation of transparency and integrity. We believe with this foundation, industry knowledge and a little hard work that G Five is a brand our customers can put their trust in.